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We have spent more than half a century crafting tailor-made wildlife holidays for our clients, and our network and know-how is unmatched. Whichever wild corner of the world is your dream destination, it would be our pleasure to take you there.

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 See below for our luxury wildlife suggestions for your perfect summer holiday.

Chosen by our travel specialists to surpass your highest expectations, A&K Favourites are a collection of luxurious hotels which offer our clients a little something extra on check-in.

Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru

Maldives, Indian Ocean

Fringed by one of the Maldives' most spectacular turquoise lagoons and surrounded by powder-soft, white sand beaches, this 18-hectar private island is home to some of the richest waters in the country

Offer available

Classic Botswana

11 nights from £7,600

Start this itinerary in Livingstone so you can experience the sights and sounds of Victoria Falls.

Borneo Wildlife Adventure

8 nights from £4,890

Your Borneo wildlife adventure will see you swimming and snorkeling among the fish-filled coral gardens

Helicopter over the Avenue of Volcanoes

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Travel in style over the Avenue of Volcanoes with a panoramic helicopter flight

Caiman Ecological Refuge

The Pantanal, Brazil

Caiman Ecological Refuge is the perfect retreat for a wild, green getaway

Classic Kenya

11 nights from £5,940

Our tailor made Kenya tours offer the opportunity to experience classic Kenyan sights on safari, on foot or by helicopter

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The greatest wildlife spectacles on earth are always popular. Book early so you have the best photograph and best seat in the house. 

The largest concentration of grizzly (brown) bears are in British Columbia and is one of Canada's biggest tourist draws. Knight Inlet Lodge floats in the beautiful Glendale Cove and offers one of the most serene landscapes. With only 16 guest rooms, be sure to arrange your wildlife adventure early. 


Whether you want to follow in Geoffrey Kent's or Charles Darwin's footsteps, we can help you discover that special destination. Our luxury wildlife and safari holidays whisk you away to some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth. Enquire now and we can arrange a holiday suitable for all age ranges.


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