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Get to know the area like the locals by plunging into their world. In Arizona’s desert landscape, head into cowboy college, where Stetsons and leather chaps are optional. You’ll learn western style riding, lassoing and shoeing, take part in gymkhanas and show off your newfound skills. We recommend the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch – it’s the perfect oasis in the sandy frontier.

In Bangkok, experience a Muay Thai lesson with one of the area’s local champions. Stay at The Siam Hotel and head into the on-site boxing ring to go some (easy) rounds with a pro. This is quick fire punching and kicking training so book in at The Siam’s Opium Spa for the evening antidote. 

Challenge yourself to find inner balance and calm in Sri Lanka with some stilt fishing. Perch on tall wood poles to watch and then cast for herring and small mackerel, while making small talk with the specialists.

For the ultimate climbing challenge, Climbing Kilimanjaro: the Machame Route is one of the most popular and A&K has a 97 per cent summit success rate, thanks to our experienced guides and our determined clients. 

“Climbing Kilimanjaro… The weeks of concern and days of fatigue were instantly forgotten as we stood on the roof of Africa, absorbing the view and the magnitude of what we’d achieved.” 
Ben Harrison, A&K Platinum Travel Executive
“Climbing Kilimanjaro was an amazing achievement for two inexperienced climbers like us. We were part of a wonderful team. I was completely confident that our capable guide would get us to the summit.”
Mr Thomas, A&K client