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Time out is vital to our wellbeing. Experts agree it can lead to a longer life. We have a myriad of options to suit all downtime requirements – from idyllic islands to spiritual sanctuaries. The Seychelles spread across the Indian Ocean like glittering gemstones. North Island is a paradise like no other that offers Jurassic-like beauty. Thatched villas and decks over private plunge pools or sunken bath tubs allow a complete retreat and revival. The beaches are brilliant white, the bars are torchlit and refined. There’s no place here for stress.

The wilderness retreat of Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island is an eco-chic destination with amazing views and service. Perched on a clifftop, the coastline panoramas are dramatic and the food here is locally sourced wherever possible.

Cleanse the soul as much as the body with the spiritual experience of Aarti, along the banks of the Ganga River at sunset. Oil lamps set a scene of relaxation and meditation, while our expert guides you through the sounds of hymns, sung by saffron-robed gurus. Take this peace back with you to Ananda Resort and Spa Dehradun, world renowned for its Himalayan location and spectacular spa.

“North Island offers pure escapism. For quality time with family not much beats a sunset dinner on the beach followed by dessert and stargazing. The attentive staff ease all the daily stresses and focus on creating bespoke experiences.”
Amanda Springer, A&K Programme Manager
“This was one of the best holidays we've ever had, combining culture, history, scenery, beach and food in a new country.” 
Mrs Hartley, A&K client