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The world’s most epic animal adventures lie off-the-beaten track, up jungle mountains and into the wilderness. Whether you choose a Safari or Wildlife holiday, A&K has the animal world in our DNA. Live the Gorillas in the Mist story by entering the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda for yourself. Expertly guided, you can trek to one of the resident gorilla families and observe this highly endangered species. Spot infant and silverback alike in a small group of no more than eight travellers, ensuring this wonderful species stays this way. Head back to Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge - a cosy forested retreat in the foothills of the Virungas.

Across in South America, take the opportunity to experience Argentina’s Ibera wetlands, the second largest in the world. This is the playground of the gaucho, exploring tall grasslands, emerald lagoons and lily-pad covered walkways. Stay in the Rincon del Socorro ranch house which is refined and stylish and the ideal base from where to spot animals like the jabira stork and the many grazing capybara. Unless you prefer to do this swimming along the river on horseback? There’s very little these amazing creatures can’t do here. 

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“Like most people on their first safari, I couldn’t wait for my first game drive. What I hadn’t bargained for, however, was the variety other activities that enhanced my Tanzanian safari experience.”
Laura Preston, A&K Travel Consultant
"Home run! First time to Africa and it was perfect.”  
Ms Gallagher, A&K client