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Where in the world

Botswana, Africa

Meet Jabu and Morula, two semi-habituated elephants, and observe your new friends in their natural environment. As you spend time with these graceful giants, you’ll learn about their feeding habits and watch them take mud baths. Meet their carers, Doug and Sandy Groves, and learn about the bond between guardian and elephant. You can tuck into a bush breakfast while watching these entertaining and often comical creatures.

Let Jabu take you trunk-in-hand on a discovery of his world. Gaze into the beautifully long-lashed eyes of Morula. Come up close to these awe-inspiring creatures and get to know every inch of them, from the tips of their bristled tails to their powerful yet extremely dextrous trunks. Throughout this experience, you’ll learn that every elephant has a vibrant individual personality.

Watch as they frolic in the water, demonstrating a playful character and giving insight into the complex social relationships they form with one another.

Additional notes about the tour

This activity is open to a minimum of two guests and a maximum of 10, as well as children over nine if they are supervised. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes such as trainers. Please note that the elephants are not available from 15 January to 15 February each year, and be sure to pre-book to avoid disappointment. The bush breakfast is an additional cost.