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Best time to go

October - May

Time difference

GMT +3 hours

Flight duration

7 hours 35 minutes

Fly to

Addis Ababa

Explore Ethiopia’s cultures and traditions in the Omo Valley

Holidays in the Omo Valley are ideal for those looking to explore and understand Ethiopia's cultural diversity. Some of the country’s most ancient and colourful ethnic traditions can be observed here. There’s the elaborate body painting of many tribes, the clay plates in the ears and lips of the Mursi women, the ritual singing and dancing of the Arbore tribe, and the breathtaking bull-jumping spectacle of the Hamar people.

The Omo Valley is situated within the immense Great Rift Valley, rich in fertile lands and wildlife, especially around the lakes and Nechisar Park. While accommodation in this area is on the rustic side, it’s perfectly situated to give you the rich opportunity to gain an insight into the lives of the local people. You’ll also be perfectly placed to visit significant landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the graves of the Konso people that are marked with wooden totems, wagas.

When visiting the Omo Valley it’s tempting to have your camera close to hand. Try and resist the temptation: we recommend keeping it in your bag for a while to allow for a deeper and more meaningful connection with the people whose ancestors have lived in this area for centuries.

Tourism in this area has been criticised in the past for contributing to a kind of ‘human zoo’. Our guided visits here place a clear emphasis on authenticity and cultural sensitivity.

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