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Follow in the pawprints of The Lion King

Discover the circle of life with this family safari in the heart of Kenya. Walk in the pawprints of Simba as you explore wildlife-rich Lewa and the Masai Mara – the landscapes that inspired The Lion King. Meet Big Cat Diary host Jonathan Scott, then learn how to make your very own big cat documentary in the African bush. Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the Rift Valley from a helicopter, before cycling beside zebra and antelope. Finally, share your farewell breakfast with the long-necked locals at Nairobi’s Giraffe Manor.

  • Geoffrey Kent Suite Sanctuary Olonana – enjoy views over the Mara River from a luxurious suites 
  • Sirai House – an enchanting private house nestling at the foot of Mount Kenya
  • Giraffe Manor – be prepared to share your breakfast with the Rothschild’s giraffes who are known for popping their heads through the windows
  • Explore the Borana Conservancy by 4x4 or by horse. This is home to some of Kenya’s most endangered species, from Grevy’s zebra to the African wild dog
  • Take a helicopter to see the real-life ‘Pride Rock’ made famous in The Lion King. Touch down for a picnic with an iconic view. You can almost hear the words of Mufasa: “Everything the light touches is our kingdom”
  • Discover more about lion from Big Cat Diary host Jonathan Scott, who has lived in Kenya since the 70s and knows the Masai Mara inside out
  • Lights, camera, action: learn how to make your very own big cat documentary and find out more about lion conservation and protection


  • Expect to share your farewell breakfast with some rather long-necked guests in Nairobi’s much-loved Giraffe Manor
Off the beaten track:
  • A short helicopter ride from Nairobi will deliver you to Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya’s Rift Valley. See for yourself the spectacular landscape that inspired the scenes in The Lion King
  • Explore the park on foot or bike alongside zebra, baboon and buffalo and learn about the many geological formations such as the Devil’s Bedroom
  • Round off your day with a dip in the hot springs of this geothermal landscape

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