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Top Tip
During the months of June to September, climb the Observation Tower to look for passing whales.

Why we like it

  • Manafiafy beach & Rainforest lodge is located in a small sleepy village on the south east cost of Madagascar
  • A two and a half hour drive from Fort Dauphin
  • The lodge is entirely powered by solar power
  • Only six bungalows on the edge of the forest and a short walk to the ocean in a sheltered bay
  • Excellent location for birdlife and lemurs

About Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge

Manafiafy also known as St Luce, it was here in 1613 the first Portuguese traders laid anchor due to the calm waters and small islands around the bay.

There are many activities at Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge including; Birding trips into the mangroves and wetlands by motorboat, canoeing in the mangroves, boat trips to nearby islands for picnic lunches and snorkelling, day and night walks in the littoral rainforest. For an extra cost you can go whale watching by motor boat and sport fishing by motor boat. The bay is sheltered and provides for safe and excellent swimming and snorkelling.

Each bunglow has been individually designed and is spacious and has all the comforts needed. Each bungalow has a private sun deck with furniture that is designed for you to relax and enjoy the magnificent views. Two of the bungalows can accommodate families. Each bunglow is en-suite with running hot and cold water.

Meals are a sumptuous affair with freshest of ingredients used to create anything from a continental breakfast on your private deck to a seafood barbeque on the beach.