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Go in search of the rare shoebill, a must on any serious birder’s wish list

Why we like it

  • Located within Akagera National Park
  • Eco-friendly tented accommodation
  • Large decking area overlooking Lake Ihema
  • Watch wildlife from your private patio
  • Luxury treetop tent available

About Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park, located just two hours from Kigali, has an incredible diversity of habitats that attract vast amounts of flora and fauna, including over 482 bird species. The park is a conservation success story, with lions and rhinos being reintroduced.

For those who wish to get close to the wildlife, Ruzizi Tented Lodge is the ideal base. It has nine modern and comfortable tents set among the palms and fig trees overlooking Lake Ihema, Rwanda’s second largest lake. Wildlife congregates at the water’s edge, making it the ideal sundowner spot to immerse yourself in the natural world. You can also keep a look out from the privacy of your own patio in front of your tent. 

The fire pit is the perfect spot for sharing stories of your adventures and listening to the calls of the nocturnal animals as they begin their days. Powered entirely by solar energy, the lodge has little impact on the local environment. This is a responsible way to camp out in the heart of the wild, to see rare creatures in their natural environment and to learn the secrets of the savanna, mountain and swamp habitats that draw so much life to Akagera National Park.