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Explore the modern-day marvel of Hiroshima

It may be famous for its tragic history, but Hiroshima offers up a distinctly different first impression.

Like a phoenix risen from the ashes, this now bustling city vibrates with a laid-back and welcoming attitude. In Hiroshima you will encounter wide and colourful streets, filled with fine-dining options, inviting bars and cafes, delectable street snacks and an incredibly friendly local culture.

The events of the 6th August 1945 may give some visitors cause to pause before visiting the city. However, local Hiroshima residents, many of whose families lived through the events, are open about the effects and impact of the world’s first atomic bomb that was dropped here. A visit to the Peace Park may even find you in a friendly conversation with those who continue to visit this monument to ensure that the past is neither forgotten nor repeated.

The small wooded island of Miyajima can be visited by boat. Located in the Inland Sea, this island contains the incredibly photogenic Floating Torii Gate. This 6th-century shrine is designated as one of Japan's three ‘most beautiful views’.

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