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Top Tip

Eat in here because the dining area is a spectacle of theatrical lighting, mood music and designer food

Why we like it

  • This unique location offers panoramic views of Matera’s quirky streets and courtyards 
  • Every room is individual in style and character
  • Enjoy sundowners and cocktails in the beautiful terrace lounge
  • For a romantic evening, head to the cave room, lit up with candles at night 

About Sant’ Angelo Luxury Resort

This hotel is a true opportunity to revive the past and repurpose it for the present. The first five star luxury resort in the Sassi area of Matera is well worth a stay. This beautiful town has a history that needs investigation. The Sant’Angelo resort allows this from its very centre.

Built in 2005, this area continued the success of the Hotel La Casa Di Lucio built in 1999 focused on giving Matera a future.

This hotel is a family endeavour, built on belief and patriotic love. It respects the 18th century court buildings which have been renovated for modern day enjoyment. Designed in aligned rows, like the neighbourhood, from here visitors can explore Matera on foot or bicycle.

Choose one of the characterful rooms, carved out of the rock with balconies overlooking awe-inspiring panoramic views. The hotel is comfortable and luxurious with a focus on modern minimalism, directing the eye to the natural beauty outside. The chef takes pride in presenting authentic dishes with locally sourced ingredients and the only guest obligation is to sit back and enjoy relaxing in the perfect Italian ambience.