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Experience Spiritual Rome Tour

Embark on a spiritual journey through the eternal city of Rome with the opportunity to be in the presence of Pope Francis. Enjoy the unique experience of attending a papal mass with front-row seats and a chance to meet the Pope. During your visit to the Vatican, view Michelangelo's frescoed ceiling in the Sistine Chapel or St Peter’s Basilica. Escape the city and visit the Pope’s Summer Palace, Castel Gandolfo, before returning for a Michelin-star meal overlooking the Colosseum. During your weekend break, stay in the chic Holy Deer San Lorenzo City Lodge, originally built for Pope Innocent X.

  • Holy Deer San Lorenzo City Lodge – this 17th-century apartment was built for Pope Innocent X and is now one of Rome’s most dazzling and exclusive private abodes 
  • After exploring the Vatican and its beautiful gardens, attend a Papal mass alongside dignitaries and a chance to meet Pope Francis
  • Walk through Rome’s Centro Storico and stop by Gammarelli, to sample ‘papal couture’
  • Buy a pair of the world’s finest red socks, a favourite of Pope Francis
  • Visit Doria Pamphilj to see the Valázquez painting of Pope Innocent X. Afterwards, leave the city to visit the Pope’s Summer Palace, Castel Gandolfo, nestling in the cool hills
  • For dinner enjoy a cacio e pepe pasta from the wonderfully Roman Taverna Trilussa
  • Enjoy the ultimate fine dining experience at the Michelin-star Aroma restaurant at Palazzo Manfredi with views of the Colosseum

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