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Iconic history, gem-filled museums and kaleidoscope cathedrals

From dynamic Moscow to romantic St Petersburg, Russia is as appealing as it is vast. But as well as these city highlights, our luxury Russia holidays include comfortable visits to Black Sea resorts, Siberia's vast frozen tundra and Kamchatka’s volcanoes, where you're closer to America than to Moscow. You might even opt for a luxury Russia cruise on the Volga, getting a glimpse of a very different side of the country, with serene historic villages, Uglich's 12th-century wooden houses and the black-domed Goritsky Monastery.

We'll show you Moscow's iconic highlights, from the Red Square’s St Basil's Cathedral and Lenin's tomb to the mighty Kremlin. Don't miss the Armoury Palace's 190-carat Orlov diamond or the eye-popping opulence of Tretyakovsky Street.

Head northwest to St Petersburg for canals, palaces (Peter the Great's summer home rivals Versailles) and ornate cathedrals. Recent renovation here has also spawned sumptuous hotels, a new Hermitage contemporary art wing and modernist Marinksy Theatre, complete with amazing rooftop amphitheatre.

Two of our five European offices are based in Russia with staff on call round-the-clock and superb local guides. Their fluent English is matched by a desire to share a wide-ranging knowledge, and we’ve got top-notch contacts who can arrange exclusive experiences. Given the country's wonderful architecture, history and culture, we can add a new dimension to your visit, from private tours of the Hermitage's off-limits departments, to expert vodka and caviar tasting.