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Half-day tour with guide

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When Russia started to restructure and perestroika truly changed the face of the country, the region opened up in many different ways. Once the most restricted sites in the Soviet Union, Bunker 42, or GO-42 as it is officially known, has been revealed to the wider world. This is a former top secret Soviet command post and would have been the main intelligence centre in the event of global nuclear war. Your guide will take you to this historical centre – approximately 65 metres underground and only accessible by steep steps and a small elevator.

This is now the home of Moscow’s Cold War Museum and no place for the claustrophobic. Designed to blend in with surrounding nineteenth century buildings in the heart of historical Moscow, its exterior cleverly hides the many secret tunnels of the building and its ultimate purpose. This is a unique opportunity to become familiar with Soviet armament and the communication facilities of the Cold War.

Additional notes about the tour

This tour is not recommended for people who suffer claustrophobia or have mobility issues due to the accessibility and size of the museum. The bunker is not open to children under eight years old.