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Barbara Janicka

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St Petersburg

Discover one of the most iconic elements of traditional Russian culture with an exclusive tasting session at a restaurant that holds an enormous collection of vodka. Throughout this experience, you will learn all about the intricacies and variations of this unique spirit. This is also an opportunity to purchase authentic Siberian vodka which cannot be bought anywhere else in the world.

There are many ways to distil vodka, each with a signature taste. Learn the difference between brands which use potato, cereals, berries and sugars. This is a chance to learn about your preferences. As you become a connoisseur, you will also get a great chance to discover a little about the intriguing history of the drink. The country of origin is a highly contentious topic between many east European countries. The name ‘vodka’ also has a mysterious past, with most historians linking it to the drink’s oldest nickname, ‘The Water of Life’.