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Top Tip
Waiting at the viewing site for the bears to come and catch the salmon is one of the most incredible experiences and not to be missed.

Why we like it

  • A true adventure wildlife experience
  • One of the best places to discover the Grizzly Bears
  • Knowledgeable and expert guides will show you the best place to see the bears
  • Stay in rustic, simply designed warm cabins
  • A remote camp set up for four guests

About Bear Cave Mountain Adventure Camp

The Bear Cave Mountain Adventure Camp is situated deep within the Ni'iinlii Njik Territorial Park and Wilderness Preserve along the Arctic Circle in the Yukon.

Grizzly bear viewing is done "face to face" on the ground with a guide and designated viewing sites mean there are plenty of opportunities to watch the grizzlies go about their business catching and eating chum salmon. The viewing sites are within easy walking distance of camp and provide optimum light and weather conditions for observation, filming and photography.

When you arrive by helicopter at the Bear Cave Mountain Adventures camp you will know right away that you are in true untouched wilderness. Isolated from roads and development, the area is a valuable, zen-like ecological oasis.

The main lodge consists of a kitchen and dining room where the chef provides excellent meals three times a day The camp offers comfortable heated cabins of double occupancy. Each cabin has lighting two single beds with duvet bedding as well as a wood heater. There is also a central shower building with sink, hot water shower, and toilets.

Please note that this camp is in a very remote location. The cabins are basic and do not have bathrooms. There is a shared shower building and toilets.