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01242 386 476

Best time to go

December - March

Time difference

GMT -6 hours

Flight duration

15 - 17 hours (two stops)

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Fly to

Baltra via Guayaquil or Quito

Follow in the footsteps of Darwin on a tour of the Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands, 1,000km off the coast of Ecuador, are a living laboratory. The place that inspired Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution remains one of the most exquisite wildlife destinations on the Earth.

Each of the 13 Galápagos Islands and the myriad inlets surrounding them has its own distinct ecosystem. These are populated with unique animal species. And with no land predators, the creatures here are as delightedly curious about you, as you are about them.

Our Galápagos cruises allow you to snorkel through crystal-clear waters right off the boat, with sea lion and hammerhead shark just a few feet below you. Sunken volcanic craters provide shelter for shoals of vibrantly coloured fish and crustaceans.

Back on land you can admire the lively courtship rituals of the blue-footed booby and watch as the giant 400lb tortoise lumber slowly through the coastal marshes. A Galápagos wildlife tour of the islands will bring you face to face with marine iguana, playful dolphin and chattering penguin.

Your tailor-made Galápagos cruise will take place onboard comfortable, scientific expedition vessels with itineraries designed by naturalist guides. While the wonder of watching blissfully secluded animals never ceases, our trips also focus on preserving this fragile environment for future generations to enjoy.

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