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Top Tip
Dinner al fresco is a real treat and the perfect way to end a day of discovery in Galápagos.

Why we like it

  • Celebrity Xperience offers well designed itienraries to show case the best of theGalápagos islands
  • Informative nightly briefings on the day's discoveries and the following day's activities
  • Spend time on the observation deck for stargazing and whale watching
  • Complimentary snorkel equipment and wet suits, and an on-board physician
  • Taking children to the Galápagos Islands is an immensely rewarding experience and, for this reason, theCelebrity Xperience has developed selected family departures

About Celebrity Xperience

Celebrity Xperience allows discerning travellers to experience one of the world's greatest natural treasures in the comfort of a vessel with generous accommodation, ample deck space and al fresco dining - but with the atmosphere and exclusivity of a smaller yacht.

The vessel's layout compromises on cabin numbers, instead putting the emphasis on providing passengers with unrivalled cabin space and ample social areas. Accordingly, she accommodates up to 48 passengers in staterooms with sea views. Fully air-conditioned, all have either a queen or twin bed arrangement and well-appointed bathrooms.

Opportunities to explore are many and varied, taking in the best visitor sites in the islands. There are opportunities to hike, swim, snorkel, kayak, birdwatch and take great close up photographs of the flora and fauna. The Celebrity Xperience anchors off shore at two visitor sites per day.You will bedivided into groups of a maximum of twelve people, each with its own English speaking, naturalist guide.

On the islands, guided excursions follow marked trails, walking at a leisurely pace and spending three to four hours at each site - plenty of time to explore the abundant wildlife. Meanwhile the snorkelling schedule allows four immersions or so during the cruise. Most of the snorkelling activities take place before or after island excursions, so that you will not miss the hikes.

Family Departures
Celebrity Xperience operates selected family departures. Professional guides are certified by the Galápagos National Park and experienced in guiding children. Activities may include educational guided walks, beach games, on-board activities (dance classes, costume parties, handicrafts, drawing competitions etc.), and separate briefings for children, as well aschild friendly menus atmealtimes. All this leaves parents free to enjoy the shore excursions at their own pace, in the knowledge that children are in safe hands - and making their own discoveries about the history, evolution and wonders of the islands. The comfort, safety and quality ofCelebrity Xperience, combined with its commitment to the needs of children, offer an unforgettable experience that can be shared by the whole family.

Smart Voyager Programme
Celebrity Xperience is certified by the Rainforest Alliance 'Smart Voyager' and is dedicated to protecting the fragile ecosystems of the Galápagos Islands. Environmentally friendly practiceson board includespecial filters in engines in order to reduce/eliminate the need to change oilandlubricants, a black and grey water treatment plant, an on board desalination plant, special equipment for the adequate treatment of organic waste, biodegradable cleansing materials, chemicals, guest shampoos and soaps, and complimentary water bottlesandrefill stations throughout the vessel. Additionally a modest portion of the sale of every cruise ticket is donated to a variety of worthy causes in Galápagos and more than 60% of Celebrity Xperience employees are permanent or temporary residents of Galápagos.