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January 2021


48 maximum

Holiday length

24 days

Holiday type

Private Jet Tour


Wildlife Safari: Around the World by Private Jet 2021

Embark on a unique multi-destination adventure in search of the world’s most amazing wildlife. Begin in Japan to observe snow monkey in the enchanting Ginza district, before stopping in the Philippines, Malaysia and India to see shark, honey bear and the elusive Bengal tiger. Then answer Africa’s call of the wild with exciting visits to Kenya, Madagascar and Rwanda to spot gorilla, lemur and all members of the Big Five. During this thrilling expedition, you’ll also enjoy insightful cultural experiences such as a visit to a Maasai school and private performances of traditional music.

Dates: 10 January – 2 February, 2021

Price: Available on request

A&K Wildlife Safari: Around the World by Private Jet 2021

Trip details

  • Discover seven of the most amazing wildlife hotspots across Asia and Africa
  • Observing Japan’s iconic snow monkey and experience the picturesque Ginza region at night
  • In the Philippines, see rare wildlife before enjoying a private beachside musical performance
  • Malaysia promises powerful primates, picture-perfect scenery and exciting cultural experiences
  • Visit India – home to the majestic Bengal tiger – to learn about big-cat conservation and see these fierce felines in the wild
  • In Madagascar, the land of the lemur, enjoy an abundance of wildlife-spotting opportunities as well as a festive feast showcasing local flavours
  • Head to Rwanda to learn about the endangered mountain gorilla and meet one of the expert veterinarians working to save these powerful creatures
  • Your final destination is Kenya – A&K’s homeland and where the Big Five await. Embark on exciting safaris with expert wildlife guides and visit a Maasai school


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