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Arts and Culture

German poet Berthold Auerbach once wrote that the arts “wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.  It is fair to say that, with the events of the last couple of years, our lives have gathered plenty of ‘dust’. Yet the creative industries suffered a cataclysm as galleries, museums, concert halls and art spaces of all stripes shut up shop.

Suddenly our world was duller, quieter, devoid of the vibrancy of human expression in its most dazzling forms. As the curtain finally lifts, we have the chance to rejuvenate the arts that in turn rejuvenate us. So, how will you re-embrace culture in all its colours?

With A&K’s far-reaching connections and insider knowledge, you have a full artist’s palette of experiences available. Enjoy exclusive access to exhibitions, private performances in palatial surrounds and VIP tickets to the biggest events in the cultural calendar. Go behind the scenes and out of hours, as the world of the arts rolls out the red carpet. In doing so, you give culture a new lease of life – restoring colour in its cheeks, and helping to secure its future for years to come.

Vienna, Austria

After hours at Belvedere Palace

The opportunity of a lifetime for art lovers, this experience leaves you in raptures as the treasures of the Belvedere Palace are displayed exclusively for you after public opening hours. As you are welcomed through the doors of one of Austria’s most important Baroque buildings, take your time to pause and admire majestic works from Impressionist maestros like Cezanne, Degas, and Monet. 

The crowning glory of this artistic paradise is the world’s largest Gustav Klimt collection, including the world-famous “Kiss”. The absence of swirling crowds and selfie sticks this evening provides a peaceful, distraction-free stage for you to be completed enchanted by this mesmerising masterpiece. When you feel able to tear yourself away, you move on to stunning views of a different kind from the terrace of the Upper Belvedere. In this intimate setting, you are treated to an exquisite private dinner as you look out across the Viennese night sky, illuminated by the fireworks spectacular arranged especially for you.

Private piano concert in Mozart’s apartment

In Vienna’s atmospheric old town lies the Mozarthaus, the preserved residence of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that now serves as a museum to the extraordinary composer. We can arrange for you to explore the apartment after the museum closes its doors to the public. Let your mind be transported to the 1780s – the most creative period in Mozart’s career – as you enjoy an exclusive one-hour piano performance.


Venice Biennale

Enjoy VIP access to one of the biggest art events in the calendar: the Venice Biennale. The world’s oldest and largest art festival is held once every other year in palazzos across Italy’s famous ‘Floating City’. All the luminaries of the art world attend the International Art Exhibition, which is renowned for its parties and people watching. Enjoy seamless access to the large and varied number of global exhibitors. With such a cornucopia of contemporary art on show, enhance your experience with our VIP contacts and art specialists who will guide you around.

Save the Florentine Monuments: The Chapel of Giambologna, Rome

Of particular interest to clients interested in art, history and restoration, The Chapel of Giambologna is an artistic gem from the Renaissance period and the final resting place of famous Renaissance sculptor Giambologna. The Chapel forms part of the Basilica of Santissima Annunziata in Florence, where for centuries worship, spirituality and culture have established an indissoluble link. 

The Chapel today remains entirely as it stood more than 500 years ago, without having undergone any renovations. Those years are now catching up, and sympathetic restoration work is essential before further natural decay occurs. A&K is assisting in funding the restoration of this sacred space, important not only for its artistic and cultural heritage, but for what it represents to the city, its people and its faith. Thanks to this partnership, A&K guests are able to visit the chapel – which is otherwise closed while the restoration is in progress – on an exclusive, private basis. 


Circle Art

Gain rare insight into the vibrant art scene of East Africa, courtesy of the expert curation of Circle Art. This by-appointment gallery in Nairobi was established in 2012 with the aim of forging a strong, sustainable art market in the region. It supports the most exciting and innovating artists, working closely with national and international collectors. Expect thought-provoking contemporary work that reshapes your notions of African art in the 21st century.

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