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Our team in Tanzania will take great pleasure in helping you get beneath the skin of this fascinating country.

To begin with we offer the ultimate, most exclusive form of safari: our private luxury mobile camps pitched in the very best spots for wildlife and fitted to suit your individual taste and requirements.

Tanzania_GuideEven if you are not on a private mobile safari we will arrange that extra little touches that make your holiday all the more memorable. How about a candlelit silver service dinner in the midst of the bush? For an aperitif there is nothing quite like the shock of a Maasai cry announcing the arrival of Maasai warriors out of the dark followed by the excitement of seeing them dance around your camp fire.

Enjoy a scenic flight of Kilimanjaro or a private rose farm tour in the foothills of Mount Meru. Sample locally grown coffee following a visit to the plantation or take a private tour of Olduvai archaeological site, where fossils date back 3.5 million years.

Travel to Tanzania demands the kind of astute planning that our team thrive on. Not only are they consummate professionals and masters of logistics but they do so with élan.

For more information about Tanzania, our suggested itineraries and the properties we recommend click here.

Guest Testimonial

We had three different guides - they were all exceptionally courteous and helpful. Kapil our guide in Delhi was exceptional with excellent English and great knowledge of just not the places we visited but also of Indian history. He was very happy to fit in with any of our request and occasional changes to our schedules. We would rate him very highly and would request him if we went back to Delhi.

- KB, London

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Plants of the Okavango Delta
Plants of the Okavango Delta

At Sanctuary Chief's Camp inventories rare plants of the delta area, catalogues local uses, produces a field guide and seed collections, and supplies botanic gardens worldwide with specimens


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