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Luxury Travel, Luxury Holidays & Tailor Made Holidays

At Abercrombie & Kent, we have been at the forefront of travel for over 50 years, pioneering luxury holidays and tailor made holidays to established and emerging destinations around the world.

These days, the term luxury has become hackneyed, but what is our definition? We believe that luxury is relative - relating to the overall experience, not just the material trappings. Whether it be the indulgence of an historic palace hotel, the simple joy of waking to spectacular sunrises high up in the Himalaya, or the thrill of an unexpected wildlife encounter, true luxury is the privilege of discovery, adventure, insight and relaxation enjoyed in a context which perfectly suits the experience. Of course, your idea of luxury will differ from someone else's, which is why our consultants will make it a priority to understand your preferences and put together a tailor-made holiday that is just right for you.

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Lubangwe Community Project
Lubangwe Community Project

Aids malnourished children and their families with community food assistance and support for the local school.


Sundowner – A&K’s Luxury Travel Magazine

Let our travel experts inspire you for your next adventure. Our Sundowner Magazine is packed full of experiences, ideas, travel tips and more. View a copy online or to order one to be delivered to your door three times a year, click here.

In this edition  discover Top Stargazing spots, Explore China by train, Top notch digs Down Under and much more.

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