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Ancient Greece was once the heart of the civilised world, an innovative producer of thinking, science and theatre. Modern Greece wears this legacy proudly, if casually, and its historic sites and ruins still draw visitors from all over the world. Add to that stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, warm people and plenty of sunshine and you have a holiday paradise. The country's capital, Athens, is a large, busy city, home to a third of the population. The museums and ancient sites are well-known, but this is also the place to discover the best of contemporary Greece. The Peloponnese is famed as the cradle of all that is mythical;this is where the gods, goddesses and creatures of Ancient Greece were conceived. On the mainland, head to Halkidiki, Greece's 'trident', for a taste of the country's rural identity. Off the mainland's rugged shores the many islands each have an atmosphere and identity of their own. Crete is the largest and is even older than the mainland, where you can visit the ruins at Knossos Palace, relax on the beach or explore peaceful villages and countryside. In Mykonos and Santorini, white washed villages tumble down the hillsides to beautiful beaches and mirror-flat cerulean seas. Rhodes too, with its beaches and excellent diving, is perfect for those wanting to spend time by the water. Experience a culture of Mediterranean ease where boats offer an alternative to cars, small restaurants serve retsina against a backdrop of fishing nets, and men cluster around harbour front bars playing dominos.

Greece with A&K
It's the type of local knowledge that tops off a glorious day. So glorious you had to tell us about it. After a hot afternoon touring Mykonos with its sun-pickled white architecture and 16th century windmills, you needed a drink. More precisely you needed a cocktail. The island was teeming but the A&K guide weaved our party through the throng towards the sunset hotspot of Little Venice, where the perfect waterfront table with the perfect sunset view had been kept free. Your sundowner was served.

Enjoy an Abercrombie & Kent luxury holiday in Greece - or rent one of our dreamy villas - and it's these little details that make a real difference: the freshest calamari, friendliest boat skipper, quietest viewpoint. Our multi-centre European team has spent 25 years establishing fabulous contacts and a network of superb guides whose specialist knowledge brings the wonderful history to life.

We'll show you the Acropolis of Athens, an ancient citadel and home to one of the most famous buildings in the world, the Parthenon. You can head out to the haunting Temple of Poseidon above a cyan sea at Cape Sounion, Delphi's famous oracle and the Halkidiki Peninsula, near Thessaloniki, home to UNESCO listed Mt Athos.

Or you might cross the Corinth Canal to the increasingly fashionable Peloponnese, where Nafplio's beauty is matched by the towering drama of the Mani Peninsular, and history takes the striking shape of the Theatre of Epidaurus.

When it comes to islands, you're spoilt for choice - there are at least 1,200. Crete's the largest, alive with myths and home to the ruins of the Minoan's political nerve centre, the Knossos Palace; Mykonos, washed with warm winds, attracts international A-listers, while Santorini's white houses and blue domed churches, teetering on the edge of an extinct volcanic caldera, offer widescreen panoramas.

It's familiar yet very special. Take an A&K tour in 2016 and our superb guides will further enrich the experience. You told us about the brilliant Demetra. Every day she arrived with a new marvel for our guests: replicas of ancient coins, recordings of traditional music, mosaic making tools. As we said, it's the little details that make all the difference

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