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Whether it's starring under the stellar rays of summer's midnight sun, or the luminescent swirls of winter's northern lights, Norway consistently delights with its Scandinavian sophistication, stirring landscapes and unforgettable experiences. The long country on the western edge of Scandinavia spiking up into the Arctic Circle stages a constant scenic drama from awe-inspiring fjords and towering peaks to cascading waterfalls and pine forests that stretch to the horizon like an inland sea. Here you will find some of the most beautiful ocean roads on earth, linking centuries-old fishing villages and ports where wooden houses snake back from the waterfront.

Alternatively, you can witness the evolving theatre of the 2,400 kilometre coastline on a relaxing cruise, taking in epic fjords and imposing mountains as well as enjoying excursions from rib safaris to bird watching. Travel further north to the islands of Svalbard, halfway between the mainland and the North Pole and you'll enter the lair of polar bears, reindeer and migrating birds, along with whales, seal and walrus. Along with the smorgasbord of wildlife, this glaciated archipelago is one of Norway's premier locations for witnessing the otherworldly high altitude theatrics of the aurora borealis. Norway has certainly benefited from 'Scandimania': beautiful landscapes, jovial people and an emphasis on the great outdoors has visitors wild for the Scandi lifestyle. The charming capital, Oslo, is replete with museums, restaurants and top-class hotels, yet easy to explore thanks to its compact size.

Norway with A&K
A&K's highly qualified European team have helped our clients make the most of this pristine wilderness for well over two decades, with long established contacts and knowledgeable, multilingual guides. They allow us to offer extraordinary insights and experiences off the usual tourist itinerary, including tours with renowned naturalists, botanists and astronomers, and adventures including dog sledding, remote ski tours and swimming with orcas near the Lofoten Islands.

A&K also sails further north to the islands of Svalbard, Norway's most northerly point. Not only does this location share stunning views of the wildlife, but it is also one of the optimum points for seeing the sensational aurora borealis. With NASA scientists predicting a current peak in the 11-year solar cycle, you're likely to catch a particularly dazzling display.

It will come with the sub zero beauty of snow drenched landscapes, but at other times you can watch the coastal mountains erupt into autumnal red and yellows, or bathed in June and July's 24-hour sunlight. It's intoxicating, beautiful, unforgettable and with A&K, it's all possible.

Best time to be there:

October and April are considered 'low season' in Norway, the time when prices are at their lowest. Though the weather may be a bit unpredictable, these months offer a good amount of daylight for sightseeing and fewer crowds at tourist attractions. In spring the warmth returns to the shores of Norway and sunlight rejuvenates life along the coastline. Rising higher and higher each day, the sun works overtime to thaw the frozen land.

As summer fades and changes to autumn, watch the landscape shift colours from one season to another. Along the Norwegian shores the clear air strengthens the reds and yellows which fill the mountain sides, hilltops and woods. Autumn is a tranquil time on board a coastal cruise, and you get the time to enjoy the bright colours, the fresh air and the beautiful scenery.

From May through September are the busiest months in Norway, when you can expect the warmest weather, longest daylight hours and best availability of outdoor activities. The Land of the Midnight Sun truly lives up to its name during the height of the summer. The extended daylight in June, lasting 24 hours a day above the Arctic Circle, makes every Norwegian 'night' a joy to behold.

November through March is a great time for holidays in Norway's northern regions, as these months offer the best opportunities for viewing the northern lights as well as ideal snow conditions for dog-sledding, snowmobiling, skiing and other winter sports. A winter expedition along the coast is a refreshing experience. The landscape is covered in pure white snow and the air is fresh, pure and crisp. This is a special time to explore Norway's northern reaches, when you can experience a magical winter wonderland and hopefully see the mesmerising Aurora Borealis.

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