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Vietnam's appeal is diverse, from the rugged northern highlands to the intriguing history of Hanoi and the cosmopolitan buzz of Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam is a verdant, fertile country where emerald green fields are tended by rice farmers in conical hats. It is also Indochina's power house. Despite a chequered history, in the last 30 years of peace Vietnam has developed a busy, optimistic energy and now has one of the highest economic growth rates in the world. The cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are very different: Hanoi has wide, tree-lined avenues –a legacy of French colonialism –and is a treasure-trove of ancient and modern history, while in contrast Ho Chi Minh has a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere and fantastic art, food and nightlife. History lovers will enjoy the central city of Hue;the former capital is surrounded by greenery and lakes and bears the remains of much of the country's history, and a few hours south is Hoi An –a charming UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site with beautiful beaches. Vietnam's rural beauty is renowned: venture to the northern highlands for mountain views and an opportunity to spend time with local tribes, cruise around the majestic limestone pinnacles of Halong Bay or visit the floating markets in the lush Mekong Delta. Should you prefer to relax, the east coast has an impressive selection of glorious beaches.

Vietnam with A&K

Our Vietnam holidays leave a major impression on our guests. How do we know? Well the torrent of feedback isn't just letters; we've also received poems, including an 18-verse epic from the Osterman family. As well as charting their diverse tour from cycle rides and helicopter flights to imperial feasts and tropical beaches, it deserves special mention for rhyming 'rubber plantation' with 'amazing vacation'.

Although less lyrical, other A&K guests' correspondence has been full of praise, particularly for our guide Pedro, who added an impromptu, superbly informative tour of Haiphong into an itinerary running ahead of schedule, and for Minh Chau, whose brilliantly clear historical explanations brought the country vividly to life for one client's young grandsons. They described their experiences as 'life altering'.

Positive feedback is always welcome, but we're not surprised. Although Vietnam has been a feature of our South East Asian portfolio for several years, we set up our own operation there in 2012 precisely to deliver our premium service standards on the ground. The guides are part of a crack regional team with excellent contacts, huge experience and the best vehicle fleet available.

Travel to Vietnam with Abercrombie & Kent and we'll show you a beguiling mix of French colonial splendour, dreamy landscapes and the extraordinary legacy of recent military conflict - we've even arranged for our clients to meet 'Uncle Nam', a war veteran who lived in the infamous Cu Chi Tunnels. You'll experience Hanoi's wide avenues and temples, as well as getting an expert introduction to its thrilling food; or float across the emerald water of Halong Bay among vast limestone pinnacles, and flop on the beaches around Danang.

And you're just starting. Our guides can take you to historic Hoi An and the imperial capital of Hue on the Perfume River, as well as the frenetic streets of Ho Chi Minh, and the southwest's verdant and vast Mekong Delta with its floating markets. There's another poem just waiting to be written.

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