The phrase 'on safari' quickly conjures up thoughts of the vast Serengeti, tracking elusive big game through the veld and pausing with bated breath as a lion, giraffe or rhino quietly pads in front of your vehicle. Safari is undoubtedly one of our favourite - not to mention most popular - ways to travel; A&K started on safari in Kenya over 50 years ago, after all. Yet the desire to get up close with nature's most inspiring wild animal species can take you far beyond the borders of a single country or continent. There's so much more to wildlife travel than the Big Five.

We can take you to Churchill, Canada; the world's number one polar bear viewing hotspot where you can visit the bear's natural habitat in specially equipped tundra buggies. In Chengdu, China, we can get you insider access to the Panda Breeding & Research Centre, where you can - quite literally - get up close and personal with one of the world's most endangered species, holding a furry friend and learning more about their unstable habitat and the conservation efforts being made to help grow the dwindling population. Or perhaps to deepest Uganda, into the appropriately named Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, to track the elusive mountain gorilla, and observe chimpanzees, tree-climbing lions and over 1,000 recorded bird species.

Whatever your animal passion, from lions to lemurs, we can take you to the best places on the planet to see your favourite animal in its natural habitat, and we can get you there in true A&K style, with seamless on the ground logistics and the best guides and experts in their fields.

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Marvellous Madagascar

Madagascar with Abercrombie & Kent    Madagascar is the world's number one biodiversity hotpot, with over 20,000 different species calling the island home and over 80% unique to Madagascar. While lemurs and chameleons are undoubtedly the island's most popular citizens, the raw and unblemished landmass is home to a host of weird and wonderful creatures not found anywhere else on Earth, such as the rather unfortunate looking aye-aye which lives in the rainforests, tapping into tree bark with specially adapted middle fingers to harvest insect larvae. You can see all these animals and more on a tailor-made itinerary to Madagascar with Abercrombie & Kent.

Prices start from £4,215 per person for a 14 day tour

East Africa safari

Wildlife with Abercrombie & Kent    Though perhaps not as famous as its neighbours, Tanzania is one of the best safari destinations in the world. Home to the awe-inspiring Serengeti - meaning 'endless plains' in Masai - Tanzania's uninterrupted savannahs and shaded pools are inhabited by not only the Big Five but also zebra, giraffe, blue wildebeest, hippopotamus, warthog and crocodile. Time your stay right, and you could be witness to the annual migration, a thundering passage of more than 30,000 zebra and wildebeest navigating across often treacherous terrain to reach pastures new.

Prices start from £3,255 per person for an nine day tour.

South African Safari

Wildlife with Abercrombie & Kent    South Africa is home to some of the most admired animals on the planet, from the sleek and glamorous leopard, the majestic and beautiful lion and the swarthy buffalo, to the gently lumbering elephant and the feisty and agile rhinoceros. The easiest place to spot the Big Five is undoubtedly the Kruger National Park, with its unfenced borders surrounding some of Africa's finest game reserves. Spend time in the Kruger with A&K and we can show you 'our Africa': luxurious lodges and camps, seamless on the ground logistics and the best guides out there.

Prices start from £3,950 per person for an eight day tour.

Gorilla tracking

Wildlife with Abercrombie & Kent    Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is aptly named: a dark, cavernous tangle of hardwoods, ferns, vines and bamboo stands, known as much for its biological diversity as it is for its crosshatch of disputed country borders. Half of the world's highly endangered Mountain Gorillas inhabit its jungles, which you can track on a specialist guided trek through the forest. Uganda is also home to chimpanzees, tree-climbing lions and over 1,000 recorded species of bird including the rare shoe-billed stork, meaning it's a great choice for bird lovers.

Prices start from £4,115 per person for an six day tour.

Tiger Safaris - India

Wildlife with Abercrombie & Kent    India's dramatic landscapes are home to a plethora of animal species, straight from the pages of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. Its rolling valleys, sal forests and mountainous regions are home to a mix of species of diverse origins: lion, leopard, lynx, rhinoceros, elephant and wild buffalo, plus over 1,200 species of bird. There's also no escaping the country's most dominant symbol for conservation, the elusive and beautiful tiger. Spend time in India's rustic-luxe camps and lodges to observe its humbling animal kingdom inhabiting the numerous national parks across the country.

Prices start from £3,500 per person for an 11 day tour.

Grizzly Bears and Bald Eagles - Canada

Wildlife with Abercrombie & Kent    Canada's animal life is like its great outdoors. The harsh environment means its inhabitants have had to adapt to bitter, unrelenting winters and hot, steamy summers with little time for change in between. British Columbia is one of Canada's most beautiful and wildlife-rich regions and is the ideal place to view one of the country's most famous residents, the grizzly bear. Travel in September and you'll enjoy glorious weather, visiting Vancouver Island, Campbell River and Knight Inlet, with the chance to see the famous 'salmon run'.

Prices start from £2,670 per person for a five day tour.

Pandas - China

Wildlife with Abercrombie & Kent    Chengdu is located in the centre of China and is often overlooked in favour of the bigger, brighter cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. But it's a city of glorious contrasts, with glitzy high rises, traditional pagodas and wide open green spaces sitting side by side. The city attracts a lot of its visitors due to its proximity to Xiongmao Jidi, the Panda Breeding & Research Centre. Take some time to explore Chengdu's authentic culture and visit one of the few places in the world you can get up close and personal with the giant panda and its young on our Tasta of China itinerary.

Prices start from £2,807 per person for a seven night tour, including three nights cruising the Yangtze.

Sloths, Elephants and Jungles - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka wildlife with Abercrombie & Kent    For such a small teardrop of land in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is home to a surprisingly large and diverse variety of animal life. Wild deer, buffalo, elephant, sloth bears and monkeys are relatively common, and Yala National Park has the highest density of leopard in Asia. But Sri Lanka's draw is often its beaches, sparkling white and palm fringed as they are. From its unspoilt south and northeast coasts whales and dolphins are frequently spotted offshore, making Sri Lanka an all-round destination for wildlife lovers and fans of beach and culture alike.

Prices start from £2,795 per person for a 16 day tour.

Polar Bears of Churchill - Canada

Arctic-Manitoba-Canada    The first visitors to Manitoba were fur traders in the 17th century and it's easy to see why: the province's chilly climate means many of it's smaller in habitants have developed thick coats to withstand the pervasive winter chill. Churchill, a prosperous little town on the banks of Hudson Bay in the north of Manitoba, is also known as the polar bear capital of the world. There's simply no better place to get close to these magnificent creature in their natural habitat. Visit Churchill with A&K and you'll get closer than anyone else in specially equipped tundra buggies that take you across the ice to the bears in comfort and safety.

Prices start from £6,839 per person for a eight day tour.

Orangutans, Elephants and Jungles of Borneo - Malaysia

Wildlife with Abercrombie & Kent    Borneo is a land of huge biodiversity and home to some of Asia's last great rainforests; it's also one of the only places left in the world where you can see orangutan in its natural habitat. The Malay word means 'person of the forest', and on sight of these incredibly intelligent creatures it's easy to see why they were given this name. Inquisitive eyes, dextrous fingers and a decidedly human manner in which they move through the trees, it's with good reason that these creatures are top of many a bucket list for sightings in the wild.

Prices start from £2,785 per person for a 10 day tour.

Wildlife & Wonder - USA

Wildlife with abercrombie & Kent    Yellowstone is the United States' first national park, stretching across a great swathe of the country and encompassing nearly 900,000 hectares of forest, grassland, rocky mountain ranges and plunging canyons. The animal life here is just as dramatic as the surrounding scenery. Free-roaming bison and elk wander nonchalantly through the open landscape: the Yellowstone bison herd is the oldest and largest in the USA. The park is also home to Grizzly bears and wolves, but remains a beautiful and safe place for camping, hiking and sightseeing.

Prices start from £3,290 per person for a eight day tour.

Elephant experiences in Thailand

Wildlife with Abercrombie & Kent    Thailand's northern jungles were until recently densely thicketed and sparsely populated, home to hill tribe villages and terraced paddy fields. Now Thailand's popularity as a holiday destination has grown, the area more easily accessible, meaning you can now get up close and personal with the jungle's resident elephants. Here you can become a mahout for the day, learning how to best interact with these fascinating creatures as you trek through the forest - a fun and educational experience for little ones and grown-ups alike.

Prices start from £2,995 per person for a 10 day tour.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica with Abercrombie & Kent    Beautiful Costa Rica is a treasure trove of ancient history, with slumbering volcanoes, archaeological sites and legendary haciendas. We like the pastoral centre of Turrialba, where Spanish pilgrims first settled and coffee help build a prosperous nation of nature lovers. The modest mountain town is not only known as the gateway to some of the planet's best white water rafting, it's also home to some of the country's most beautiful wildlife, including snakes, bird life and the fascinating armadillo. Down on the coast, the Tortuguero National Park is home to sea turtles, caiman, sloth and jaguar, not to mention beautiful beaches and coral reefs.

Prices start from £2,820 per person for a 12 night tour.

Wildlife and the White Continent - Antarctica

Antarctica with Abercrombie & Kent    There's a reason why Antarctica is known as the final frontier. It's home to some of the world's rarest wildlife and terrain, which you can discover on excursions led by the region's most seasoned guides with A&K. We can take you by Zodiac to see penguins and marine mammals that reside on the white continent, such as elephant seal, orca and humpback whales as well as extraordinary bird life. Travelling to the region aboard our luxury charter, Le Boreal, you'll spend days on deck soaking up the sun, take excursions to islands such as Pléneau and Petermann, and make acquaintance with fellow explorers in the lounge areas as you take in educational talks with renowned experts.

Prices start from £9,395 per person for a 15 day tour.

Galapagos: Darwin's Living Laboratory

Wildlife with Abercrombie & Kent    The beloved and magical microcosm of South America, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands offer a diverse, friendly and exotic experience. We've had our own boats in the Galapagos for over 20 years; we know that cruising the archipelago with our naturalist guides and a small excursion group is the best way to be immersed in one of the most exceptional wildlife destinations on the planet. These enchanted islands are indeed Darwin's 'natural laboratory' with sea lions, fur seals, flightless cormorants, waved albatross and an encyclopaedia of curious creatures. With our own A&K offices on the ground, our local Ecuadorian guides can really show every hidden gem.

Prices start from £5,893 per person for a 13 night tour.

Wet and wild: The Pantanal

Wildlife with Abercrombie & Kent    The Pantanal is the Amazon River's largest archipelago, a vast wetland area of incredible diversity and home to alligator, capybara, otter, monkey and macaw. We consider this a more rewarding wildlife viewing trip than the jungles of the Amazon, with its wide open landscape far superior to the jungle's dense forest. The magnificent region is best explored on treks, whether on horseback or on foot, while canoe or motorboat tours are the ideal way to see the caiman and crocodile population from the water. The Pantanal is not for the faint of heart, as you'll be sharing the local area with anacondas that reach up to seven metres in length, pumas, maned wolves and the elusive jaguar, but for wildlife lovers this is heaven on Earth.

Prices start from £4,545 per person for a 12 night tour.


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