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The Arctic is the northernmost region of the Earth beyond which trees do not grow. It is the land of the midnight sun and the polar night, the kingdom of the white 'sea bear'. Traditionally a magnet for the adventurous, these powerful landscapes and frozen seas are ideally explored by boat, following the Arctic ice edge or lingering among the intricate fjords. An expanse of ocean bounded by archipelagos and continents, fjords and polar bears, here tundra and Viking shores give way to vibrant cultures used to the sun coming and going for long stretches of time. Experience the best of this prime polar bear viewing country in the Svalbard Archipelago, with stops that may also include Torrelnesset, with its walrus colonies, and Barentsøya for tundra hikes. Venture further to the east coast of Greenland, where Scoresby Sound marks the largest and longest fjord system in the world and where the remote Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit warmly welcomes you, despite the climate. At Kejser Franz Josef Fjords, you'll find a striking display of snow and ice, before arriving at the southern edge of the Arctic Circle and Iceland. Iceland is a country brimming with remarkable natural wonders and culture. Taking inspiration from New York, London and Scandinavia, Iceland's capital is cool in both design and temperature, and here you'll discover a population that works hard, but plays harder.

The Arctics & Nordics with A&K
Travel with Abercrombie &Kent and you'll be travelling with Mats Fosberg, one of the world's leading polar bear researchers who will be aboard this A&K charter Le Boreal for an unforgettable voyage into the extreme Arctic wilderness. An expert on polar bear tracking and observation, Mats has guided BBC production teams into the region's polar bear habitat.

The Arctic region is a vast, ice-covered ocean, the home of the midnight sun and the polar night. This rugged, powerful landscape has always attracted the adventurous. Where everything is shaped by the climate, an adventure holiday to this unique and sadly changing part of our planet is a unique experience.

For many, visiting the Arctic is centred on experiencing the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights. Whilst the science, caused by the collision of charged particles with atoms in the high atmosphere, may not be clear to everyone the dazzling visual displays of dancing light in the sky leaves even residents spellbound. Whilst we can't recommend exactly when and where the phenomenon will occur, there are special places with little light pollution and the right conditions which significantly increase the chances.

For others it is the wildlife and the polar bears, moose, fox, whales, wolves, caribou and elk that roam the tundra, ice and endless fjords. Choose from either our fully equipped land programmes with expert guides and rangers or enjoy an expedition cruise on board the luxury vessel, Le Boreal, celebrated for having some of the finest guides in the industry on board with you. Both options will allow you to experience the very best of the Arctic

Abercrombie & Kent's Arctic cruises draw on the best facilities, guides and local knowledge to create the ultimate Arctic expedition, aboard Le Boreal.

Why  an expedition cruise to the Arctic with A&K?
-    More than 25 years of polar expeditions, exploration & experience
-    The finest specialist guides in the industry
-    Restricted number of guests for more personal attention
-    All-inclusive, expertly crafted itineraries with legendary A&K service
-    Le Boreal, the finest vessel for a Artic cruising
-    All outside & private balcony suites

- A day in the Arctic
- Arctic Wildlife
- Our Polar Guides
- Programme Pricing

Since A&K began exploring the polar continents 25 years ago, our crew and staff have been hired based on their experience in polar waters. Discerning travellers trust our longstanding presence in the area and proven record of successful expeditions, as well as our signature blend of luxury and adventure.

We offer Arctic Holidays & Cruises close to home in Norway, Finland and Northern Sweden, a little further afield in Greenland and Iceland, and some stunning epic adventures in Canada and Alaska.

Our experts can tailor-make the perfect holiday to suit your individual requirements, however, if you need inspiration or a starting point, below are some of our suggested trips and experiences:

The Northwest Passage - From Greenland to the Bering Sea

Nights: 24 | from £24,980

Cruise the entire Northwest passage on an extraordinary voyage from western Greenland to Nome, Alaska, joined by A&K's world-class Expedition Team on exclusively chartered 'Le Boreal.' Find out more

Holiday type: Group departure

Safari & Wildlife | Cruising

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Birds, Bears and Belugas

Nights: 7 | from £7,976

A short but sweet wildlife extravaganza to the arctic post of Churchill on the Hudson Bay to see beluga whales in their hundreds, polar bears, seals, caribou and a huge variety of birdlife. Find out more

Holiday type: Group departure

Safari & Wildlife

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Discovering Alaska with Uncruise

Nights: 7 | from £3,940

Spot humpbacks and grizzly bears on this 7 night cruise to Glacier Bay National Park, the Icy Strait, Frederick Sound, Admiralty Island and Ford’s Terror. Find out more

Holiday type: Group departure

Safari & Wildlife | Cruising

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Arctic Cruise Adventure: Norway, Greenland & Iceland (2017)

Nights: 15 | from £10,970

Cruise on all-balcony 'Le Boreal' to pristine and rarely seen Arctic islands, including the polar bear haven of Svalbard, glacier-covered Jan Mayen and Iceland's verdant West Fjords. Find out more

Holiday type: Group departure

Safari & Wildlife | Cruising

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Showing 1-4 of 4.

Below are some of our suggested places to stay:

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Offer MV Le Boreal, Antarctica

Le Boreal


For those dreaming of genuine adventure, Antarctica has long been considered the last frontier. This pristine landscape of mountains and glaciers remains...Find out more

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Adventure & Culture | Cruising

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Basecamp Trappers Hotel, Longyearbyen


With no televisions in the rooms, Basecamp Trappers Hotel provides the perfect retreat to switch off, relax and reconnect with nature. After the day's...Find out more

Price guide: Save | Spend | Splurge

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Our Europe & Middle East team – Sarah, Eleanor, Lynne, Rob, Aline, Kate and Sandrine are experts in designing the perfect holiday to suit your personal needs, interests and budget. Their intimate knowledge of every hotel and resort featured in our portfolio, together with our own network of offices throughout the region, allows us to offer unique in-depth knowledge, unparalleled insider access and the VIP service for which Abercrombie & Kent is renowned. 

Read about our latest experiences in Europe and the Middle East in our Travel Blog pages.

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