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At Abercrombie & Kent, we are specialists in designing bespoke luxury honeymoons. Whether your dream honeymoon is pure relaxation and luxury in the most seductive of surrounds or an exotic adventure, or perhaps a mix of the two, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your honeymoon is perfect in every detail.

Whether you are looking for a mini-moon, a twin-centre honeymoon, an epic adventure, or looking to ticket a destination off your bucket list, our new Honeymoons brochure is designed to provide ideas and inspiration, and where's best to go at different times of year to help you plan around your wedding. To order a copy, click here or call us on 01242 546 624.

We also offer gift certificates to enable your friends and family to contribute to your honeymoon. Call and speak to one of our consultants to find out more.

Honeymoons by season

Spring Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent


There's something unashamedly romantic about spring and it's a wonderful time to tie the knot, with a wealth of options that are perfect for honeymooners.

Summer Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent


Whether it’s a short break in Europe or a multi-destination safari epic, our travel experts can help you plan the perfect break to start your married life in style.

Autumn Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent


From the burnished brights of the American East coast to the sultry dunes of the sultanate, our travel experts will help you plan the perfect honeymoon escape to suit you.

Winter Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent


A winter wedding means a tough choice: embrace the cold and cosy up in a snowy wilderness, or head to sunnier climes for a blast of well-needed sunshine.

Honeymoons by type

Our top honeymoon destinations

Paris Honeymoon with Abercrombie & Kent

Paris Honeymoon

Morocco Honeymoon with Abercrombie & Kent

Morocco Honeymoon

Secyhelles Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent

Seychelles Honeymoon

Ecuador & Galapagos Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent

Ecuador & Galapagos Honeymoon

Santorini Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent

Santorini Honeymoons

Montenegro Honeymoon with Abercombie & Kent

Montenegro Honeymoons

Honeymoon Sri Lanka with Abercrombie & Kent

Sri Lanka Honeymoons

Honeymoon in Kenya with Abercrombie & Kent

Kenya Honeymoons

Indonesia Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent

Indonesia Honeymoons

Oman Honeymoon with Abercrombie & Kent

Oman Honeymoons

Italy Honeymoon with Abercrombie & Kent

Italy Honeymoons

India Honeymoon with Abercrombie & Kent

India Honeymoons

Chile, Argentina & Brazil Honeymoon with Abercrombie & Kent

Chile, Argentina & Brazil Honeymoons

New York Honeymoon with Abercrombie & Kent

New York Honeymoons

Vietnam Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent

Vietnam Honeymoons

Tanzania & Zanzibar Honeymoon with Abercrombie & Kent

Tanzania & Zanzibar Honeymoons

China & Phillipines Honeymoon wiuth Abercrombie & Kent

China & Philippines Honeymoon

Australia & Fiji Honeymoon with Abercrombie & Kent

Australia & Fiji Honeymoons

Alaska Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent

Alaska Honeymoons

Japan Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent

Japan Honeymoons

Mexico Honeymoon with Abercrombie & Kent

Mexico Honeymoons

Hawaii Honeymoons Luxury Travel with Abercrombie & Kent

Hawaii Honeymoons

Guatemala and Belize Honeymoon with Abercrombie & Kent

Guatemala & Belize Honeymoons

Sweden Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent

Sweden Honeymoons

Botswana & Zambia Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent

Botswana & Zambia Honeymoon

Antarctica Honeymoons

Antarctica Honeymoons

Canadian Rocky Mountains Honeymoons Luxury Travel with Abercrombie & Kent

Canadian Rocky Mountains Honeymoon

Cambodia & Thailand Honeymoons with Abercrombie & Kent

Cambodia & Thailand Honeymoon

South Africa and Mozambique Honeymoon with Abercombie & Kent

South Africa & Mozambique Honeymoon

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco - Luxury Travel with A&K

Northern California Honeymoon

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