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Highlights - Distinct geography; Diverse wildlife; Two thirds of the worlds chameleon species... Read more ...


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Fly by private jet from Miami to Monaco with an incredible itinerary of islands and countries along the way. This epic trip blends the best landscapes, beaches and experiences from across the world to create a luxury holiday you’ll never forget. Take a 3 day river cruise down the magnificent Amazon and soak up the untamed exotic surroundings. Fly almost 3,000 miles to explore the mysterious and remote Easter Island before a relaxing interlude in the tropical Paradise of Samoa. Drop into the wildly beautiful Madagascar, affectionately known as “the perfume island” and visit a ylang-ylang botanical garden and distillery. Finally, finish your adventure in the playground of the rich and famous at the luxury Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo in Monaco where you can reminisce over your adventure with new found friends. Read more ...

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flying time

14 hours 20 minutes (via Johannesburg)

time difference

GMT +3 hours


Issued on arrival

Health Requirements

Yellow Fever certificate required if arriving from an endemic area

Best time to travel

April - November


Due to the size of the country, Madagascar experiences a range of climatic conditions. The heaviest rainfall tends to fall on the east coast and in the north particularly through the cyclone season between December and March. The highlands and parts of the south west remain fairly dry year round although sharp showers can be experienced in Fort Dauphin area.




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Famed for its flora - you won't find most of it anywhere else on earth - lauded for its lemurs and loved for its landscapes, Madagascar is a compelling destination and total one-off. But to get the most from this intoxicating Indian Ocean island, you need the most experienced specialist guides - A&K guides - who can explain its amazing, sometimes mind-boggling sights.

We us highly qualified experts to unlock Madagascar's secrets; naturalists and botanists who transmit their passion and knowledge. Add in the best 4WD vehicles - crucial for the more remote terrain - and well-established contacts, and we can provide exclusive experiences off limits to most travellers, along with seamless connections to East Africa.

Take a luxury Abercrombie & Kent Madagascan holiday, tour or honeymoon in 2014 and prepare for your senses to go into overdrive. Outside Antananarivo, whose red clay houses and churches cluster over 12 hills, it has several fabulously diverse national parks. Much photographed Amber Mountain has vast bird's nest ferns and strangler figs, along with tiny 2cm-long chameleons among peaks spiking to 1,500m. Andasibe's mountains are slightly lower, its lemurs slightly more famous - the Indri can rocket 10m off the ground and its eerie singing is heard 3km away. The park's home to the Aye Aye, a lemur with an extra thin ET like middle finger for grub hunting.

There's also Masoala, where, along with the rare red-ruffed, and woolly nocturnal, lemurs, you'll find mountainous valleys dropping down to white beaches. Its pretty spectacular at Isalo too, a sacred burial site where wind has sculpted sandstone canyons into natural Henry Moores - an al fresco gallery for the rare Elephant Foot climbing plant. And if you like your wildlife in a photogenic setting, head to Anjajavy Private Reserve, home to the tiny mouse lemur, where forests, mangroves and limestone rock formations end in stunning sandy coves.
But an A&K package can also deliver history (Fort Dauphin was founded in the 17th century by the French East India Company), local culture (Ifotaka Community Forest is home to the Antandroy tribe and numerous bird species) and scent (Nosy Be island's air is heavy with ylang ylang, vanilla and pepper).

Madagascar offers a riot of multi-sensory experiences, and with A&K they're all possible.
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Suggested Madagascar Accommodation Offers

Anjajavy L'Hotel


Anjajavy l'hotel is a luxurious lodge on the northwest coast of Madagascar. The hotel is situated on a peninsula and each of the 25 duplex villas is positioned to allow for stunning ocean views...

Constance Tsarabanjina Lodge

Nosy Be

Tsarabanjina Island is small in size, conducive to complete seclusion, calm and tranquillity. The island provides complete relaxation for you to become refreshed and regenerated in a timeless setting.

Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge

Manafiafy also known as St Luce, it was here in 1613 the first Portuguese traders laid anchor due to the calm waters and small islands around the bay.

Mandrare River Camp


Mandrare River Camp is nestled under the shade of tamarind trees on the banks of the Mandrare River which is the lifeblood of the region.

Masoala Forest Lodge


Masoala Forest Lodge is situated on a clearing on a beach on the Masoala Peninsula in the North East of Madagascar...

Vakona Forest Lodge


Vakona Forest Lodge is located in the Andasibe area, 7 km from the Perinet Park entrance and 20 km south of Mantadia National Park...

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We appreciated knowing the travel specialist (Katie Sims) from the previous A&K holiday. The hotels in Grenada and Cordoba were excellent.
The Renfe trains from Grenada to Malaga were very impressive. On time, comfortable and fast.

- JS, Wirral

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