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    Guest Testimonial

    My guide, Alaa Elgghazaly, could never not do anything that exceeded my expectations. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he knows exactly what I might like or not like, and consequently, matches the plans to that. I cannot recommend him highly enough, as a wonderful person, and guide who is so knowledgeable, he sometimes takes my breath away.

    - CB, London

    A&K Philanthropy

    Sam's Brothers
    Sam's Brothers Clean Water Project

    Provides local communities with access to clean, bacteria-free water in rural Cambodia, where waterborne illnesses are responsible for more than half of all deaths.


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    Let our travel experts inspire you for your next adventure. Our Sundowner Magazine is packed full of experiences, ideas, travel tips and more. View a copy online or to order one to be delivered to your door three times a year, click here. In this edition discover Top Stargazing spots, Explore China by train, Top notch digs Down Under and much more.

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