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The ultimate in VIP travel

For more than 60 years, A&K has pioneered luxury holidays to both classic and emerging destinations. During that time, we’ve remained true to our fundamental ethos – that luxury travel is about more than material trappings; it is the privilege of discovery, adventure, serenity and insight, enjoyed in a context that perfectly complements the experience. A&K’s Chairman’s Club offers all this – and more. 

By invitation only, our Chairman’s Club provides members with an unmatched level of service. Your dedicated private client manager will take care of all your arrangements, wherever you wish to go, by whatever means and whatever you want to do while there. This personal service includes an around-the-clock point of contact, insider information on new and upcoming destinations and experiences, the best private guides in the business, and access to usually inaccessible people, places and experiences.  

If you or your family travel regularly and would benefit from a highly tailored and personal travel service, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual travel needs within the Chairman’s Club. 

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What is the Chairman's Club

Membership benefits


1. No-fee service 

There are no hidden fees or tiers to climb – members can expect the highest level of personalised service as standard. This is simply our way of looking after our VIP clients. 

Client management 

2. Dedicated private client manager

Based in our office on 80 Strand, London, and armed with expert knowledge and a book full of contacts, your private client manager will learn your passions and pet peeves. They’ll know your tastes in everything from music and museums to coffee and cuisine. Your one point of contact, they’ll be there to take care of everything. Forget off-the-rack holidays: expect the bespoke, the unique and the extraordinary. 

Keeping in touch 

3. Keeping in touch 

Your private client manager is always available at the end of the telephone, and – should you wish to meet face-to-face – they will gladly join you for a chat over coffee or a relaxed lunch at a London venue of your choosing.  


4. Concierge support 

Before, during and after your travels, your private client manager is on hand to support you with indispensable insights and arrangements to maximise your enjoyment. They will take care of everything – from those hard-to-get reservations to ensuring your favourite wine is chilling in the fridge ready for your arrival. 

Privileged access 

5. Privileged access 

Want a private cooking class with chef Francis Mallmann? Need tickets to Wimbledon? Fancy a private viewing of the Uffizi? No problem. Membership of A&K’s Chairman’s Club is your ticket to the world just the way you like it. Each trip can be filled with unique experiences depending on your interests; whether they be sport, art, food or film, we have the contacts to make it happen. 


6. Destinations and experiences beyond the public A&K portfolio 

With A&K’s Chairman’s Club, the world is your oyster. Our team of experts is passionate about innovative travel, and seeks out the latest experiences in all four corners of the world. Imagine the unimaginable, and we'll do the rest. 


7. Upgrades and value-adds 

Where possible, we will ensure you receive the very best options available, using our extensive industry connections and our network of offices, which spans over 55 countries. 

Exclusive events 

8. Exclusive events  

As part of our service, we host intimate dinners and events in London and Europe at the latest and greatest hot spots. It's our way of saying thank you and a chance to get to know you better, as well as to update you on the latest trends, experiences and openings.