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Five reasons to book a multi-centre holiday with A&K

Arranging your own multi-centre holiday can be a daunting task. With A&K shouldering that burden, it’s quite simply a dream

Holiday preparation and booking is all about the detail and the expertise behind it. When you’re juggling transfers, flights, excursions and accommodation, the schedule and communications have to flow like clockwork – leaving you free to enjoy your break. This is especially true of a multi-centre holiday – because there are so many different elements to combine and co-ordinate.

Life is busy enough, so who wants a holiday that seems like work? Choose to work with a single travel specialist on the dream holiday that ticks all your boxes. Backed up by decades of expertise and a global network of specialists, A&K offers a boutique approach to your luxury break. Here are five reasons to choose us for your multi-centre holiday and make sure nothing spoils your well-deserved downtime.

Hassle free 

How you plan your holiday should be just as fun as the time you spend away. Instead of hours spent contacting airlines, hotels, taxi and car hire firms or excursion companies on your own time, we’re here to do your legwork. We are expert at perfect logistics, seamless adventures and hassle-free experiences. And it’s all done with elegance and efficiency. Hand the planning burden to us and focus on your pre-holiday anticipation. We have every element covered.

Exclusively organised

We arrange everything, from a to z – from flights, transfers and accommodation to experiences, excursions, extensions and reservations. We know how to get you to the places beyond the guide book, when no one else is there; how to ensure you get the best front row seat at a seasonal extravaganza or a table at the newest, hottest restaurant in town. Talk through with our consultants exactly what makes this your holiday and we will create your bespoke itinerary – with unique and exhilarating experiences. Nothing is too complicated for us, no matter how many countries you want to visit. 

Expertly handled

Our teams know everything you need to know before you go and while you are there – wherever your destination. This means they ensure nothing is overlooked, everything is carefully planned and all those finishing touches are added to make your break absolutely perfect. We’ve won multiple awards as a luxury tour operator, and this is mostly due to our consultants offering fantastic travel advice. No matter the destination, no matter the uniqueness of your holiday, we have someone here to talk to you. With 55 offices in over 30 countries, A&K truly provides the largest network of destination management experts on the ground. 

Tailored to you

We excel at tailor-made travel, curating individual travel experiences for each and every one of our clients. While we have our favourite (and our most popular) multi-centre destination combinations, we will also adapt these with preferred accommodation or experiences, making your holiday unique to you. We often combine up to four dream destinations in a bespoke multi-centre adventure for our clients. Anything is possible when you choose to book with A&K. 

Problem? Solved

Organising with one provider makes the pre-holiday process as smooth as possible, but we all know sometimes things go wrong while you are away. We always work to make sure your holiday is completely seamless, but circumstances can supersede even the best of planning and disrupt your break. Don’t put yourself through the stress of contacting various companies if there is a problem – if you’ve booked with us, you can be sure that A&K is with you every step of the way. We are only a phone call or email away and will always go the extra mile to ensure your holiday is a success.