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A kaleidoscope of faith, colour and culture on the Indian subcontinent

With its kaleidoscope of faiths and people, the Indian subcontinent is consistently colourful and full of character. Our India tours reveal a country that’s rapidly developing, but it still has a firm grip on its roots. Its long religious history has borne an abundance of sacred sites and long-held rituals that survive in this modern age. It’s beguiling and bewildering in equal measures. And our selection of wonderfully comfortable Indian hotels are ideal for relaxing a while and getting your breath back.

Of course the subcontinent is more than just India, captivating though she may be. Like a tiny teardrop rolling into the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a jewel of dazzlingly white beaches, verdant tea plantations and rainforest peaks, not to mention ancient treasures to explore. Nepal packs a serious punch, thanks to its spine of 1,500 mountains over 5,000m, making it the perfect place for a serious hike. Next door to Nepal, tiny, unique Bhutan and its hospitable people have embraced tourism with open arms. The rewards here are plentiful and well worth the journey.

Whether it's the swish of a jade-trimmed sari, the lulling hum of a train on tracks or the flash of a wide smile, the Indian sub-continent is full to bursting for those who are out for adventure. From the snow-capped Himalayas to the arid deserts of Rajasthan, to cities teeming with bazaars, we’ll give you the opportunity to embrace these diverse experiences. We can arrange anything from a private air charter and the incredible pan-India Maharajas' Express to a traditional aarti ceremony to ensure that you’re fully exposed to the region's magical qualities.