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Sarah Tallents

Team Leader: North Africa & Middle East

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01242 386 463

Best time to go

September - March

Time difference

GMT +3 hours

Flight duration

6 hours 40 minutes

Fly to

RUD Riyadh / JED Jeddah

Delve into a desert kingdom off the tourist trail

Each year, millions of people make the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, home to the holy city of Mecca. Yet, off the pilgrim trail is a bounty of overlooked wonders, from the modern to the ancient. Let us reveal to you the magic of this mysterious desert kingdom, on a luxury holiday to Saudi Arabia.

Civilisations have risen and fallen in these storied sands – from the Nabataeans to the Lihyanites – leaving behind a trove of archaeological treasures. Cliff-carved tombs to rival Petra, labyrinthine citadels and Neolithic rock art: there is plenty to tempt history enthusiasts. As you explore, our expert guides will bring these ancient attractions to life.   

Homeland of the Bedouin, Saudi Arabia’s desert is a major draw in and of itself. Much of the kingdom is covered by the Rub al-Khali, the largest sand desert in the world. Beyond just a spectacular backdrop for your travel photos, this ocean of rippling dunes is a playground of adventure. We can arrange for you to bash around in 4x4s, sandboard the silky slopes, stargaze under wide skies, pad along in camel caravans, and so much more.

Then there are Saudi Arabia’s modern urban centres – such as glittering capital, Riyadh, and the palm-fringed port city of Jeddah – typified by sleek skyscrapers, ornate mosques and bustling markets. Old-world medinas lie a stroll away from some of the most eye-catching contemporary structures ever built, such as the iconic Kingdom Centre, where we can arrange for you to stay.  

Largely off the tourism radar, Saudi Arabia promises a rare and special escape – and we can’t wait to take you.

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