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GMT -4 hour

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14 hours 40 minutes or 16 hours 30 minutes (one stop)

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Experience Chile’s dramatic and incredibly diverse scenery

Between the otherworldly red desert of the north and the granite mountains and glaciers of the south, Chile boasts an astonishing range of landscapes. And we can help you see as many of them as you desire.

Glance at a map and you’ll see why there’s so much to experience on your holiday in Chile. It is the longest and thinnest country in the world, occupying a narrow ribbon of land that stretches along much of the Pacific coast of South America.

Chile deserves exploring – there are the empty spaces, lunar landscapes, salt lakes, geysers and clear skies of the Atacama Desert. The bustling capital city of Santiago sits in one of the most fertile wine-producing regions in the world. The Lake District’s glittering blue lakes, waterfalls and thermal hot springs sit serenely in the shadow of the Andes. In the Torres del Paine national park, condor swoop menacingly over towering mountains and glaciers.

And waiting for you, as they have for centuries, are the enigmatic heads of Easter Island. This must be one of the most isolated places on Earth, and these mysterious stone monuments and their compelling history make it well worth the five-hour flight from the Chilean mainland.

Your holiday in Chile can be tailored to your interests. Your guide will make sure everything is just so: one client recounted how their guide chipped ice from a glacier to provide a true scotch on the rocks. A true Chilean experience.

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