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June - November

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GMT -5 hour

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7 hours

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Your Manitoba adventure starts right here

If you want to see the real Canada, head to Manitoba. It’s a paradise for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, full of genuine northern Canadian charm.

This is one of Canada’s most diverse provinces for natural attractions. Why not start your Manitoba adventure in Winnipeg, a little city that punches above its weight in sophistication? Or head for Churchill over on the western shore of Hudson’s Bay. It’s known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World. It’is also one of the best places in Canada to see beluga whales and the spectacular northern lights.

There’s plenty more to experience and explore as you leave the coast behind and travel out into a vast expanse of unspoilt prairieland with rolling fields of grain. The sunflowers and beautiful wildflowers of Manitoba stretch up as far as the Arctic tundra. Dotted throughout this pretty landscape is a variety of laid-back, scenic little towns and villages, such as those found in the Pembina Valley, which seem a world apart from Canada’s larger urban centres.

And here is what makes your Manitoba adventure so truly special – it sees relatively few visitors. Your experienced local guides can arrange for you to enjoy kayaking, hiking, fishing and mountain biking in the expansive parks, beaches and marshland. Manitoba is Canada’s hidden gem, and you’ll pretty much have the place to yourself.

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