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Discover the vibrancy of island life on a luxury Caribbean holiday

Sunshine, beaches, rum and music: a heady combination that characterises the Caribbean and all its good-time, fun-loving feeling. The idyllic islands offer escapism and relaxation in spades. You can spend hours unwinding on spectacular beaches, pottering around local markets in search of conch and cocktails, and exploring the lush green landscapes. Each of its many islands has a unique character, offering different cultures, food, activities and weather. And with short distances between them, a Caribbean Cruise is the ideal way to explore.

Hopping from island to island will certainly add extra spice to your Caribbean holiday. From the fun-time atmosphere of Antigua, where you can recline on one of 365 beaches, to the brightly coloured villages of Barbados, everyone can enjoy the Caribbean. Or else ferry-hop between some of the 60 British Virgin Islands that blend sun-bleached beaches with superb diving and sophisticated hideaways. For more choice, there are the Bahamas, whose 700 islands juxtapose the glitz and casinos of New Providence with the untouched Out Islands.

Each island has its own unique personality, landscape and flavour. With our long-standing experience of their individual charms and encyclopaedic knowledge of the boutique hotels, laid-back guesthouses, villa rentals and sophisticated resorts we can help you choose the right one for you. And we use the best, most passionate guides, from local specialists to historians, naturalists and diving, sailing and fishing experts. They’ll find you the best deals and, thanks to well-established contacts, provide access to people and experiences off the radar of ordinary tourists. 

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