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Adventure, culture and nature reign supreme

Holidays in Australia and New Zealand immediately conjure up images of vast landscapes, undulating green vistas and cerulean seas, all set against an endless sky. 

Australia's modern cities are slick and sophisticated, packed with fashionable shops and cosmopolitan restaurant scenes. Then there's the magnificent coastline culminating in the east with the Great Barrier Reef. And not forgetting the interior, of course, with the hulking, ochre mass of Uluru.

New Zealand's unique Maori heritage, charming cities, dramatic landscapes and world-class food and wine make for a real breath of fresh air. You’ll want to embrace the great outdoors and all its glacier-capped, lake-dappled glory. There's a good reason this small, unassuming duo of islands is known as the adventure capital of the world; you can throw yourself off, in and down practically anything.

These two countries are well worth the long-distance flights. They deliver on promises of adrenalin-fuelled adventures, completely new experiences, ancient cultures and nature that has to be seen to be believed. Whatever you want from a holiday, you can find it here.