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Best time to go

May - September

Time difference

GMT +8 hours

Flight duration

14 hours, one stop

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Wild plains, empty landscapes and rich nomadic heritage

Remote plains, raw natural beauty, tumbling watercourses, abundant wildlife and a culture hewn from many millennia of nomadic living make Mongolia like no other place on earth. A country seemingly so distant from the rest of the world that it’s become a byword for isolation. One of the few places left on the planet where you can sleep in a herder's ger, round up sheep from the back of a scrubby horse and really get back to basics, a Mongolia holiday offers you adventure.

Ulaanbaatar is the country’s capital and its commercial centre. Businessmen rub shoulders with nomads fresh from the steppes in the city’s busy streets. Outside Ulaanbaatar however, you'll find space. The sweeping landscape alternates between mountains and flat plains. On your Mongolia tour you’ll be able to explore this dramatic countryside on foot, on horseback or by kayak. You’ll also have the chance to visit nomadic communities and experience rural life in the country.

Woven through Mongolia's nomadic culture is a rich Tibetan Buddhist tradition in which ancient shamanist practices are still evident. We believe in promoting cultural interaction based on mutual respect, an understanding of cultural differences and our Mongolia tours are designed to neither accelerate the modernisation of the country’s ancient culture nor suppress its natural evolution.

A developing country that sees tourism as key to future growth, the warm welcome you’ll receive in Mongolia more than makes up for its small infrastructure and occasionally rustic facilities.

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