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Namibia: lose yourself in one of the largest deserts on Earth

Namibia luxury holidays are all about otherworldly desert landscapes. Here you’ll experience vistas of endless red sand dunes set against a brilliant blue sky or the surreal spectacle of a diamond-mining ghost town whose abandoned buildings are being slowly consumed by the Namib Desert.

A Namibia safari will capture the imagination of even the most seasoned traveller. It may not offer the big game of the more verdant African countries, but you’ll still find plenty of wildlife here. Our expert guides will give you the chance to see the rare creatures of this stunning desert environment.

The handsome oryx roams here, not to mention the desert-adapted black rhino and the wily bat eared fox. Perhaps most well-adapted to desert life though, are Namibia’s native people. The ochre-haired Himba, the clicking Damara, the fascinating San Bushmen of the Kalahari, and the German descendants of Swakopmund all make their home and have built their diverse cultures in these arid lands.

Photographers will want to take in the vast Skeleton Coast on their safari in Namibia: this strange and wild landscape is punctuated by shipwrecks and bleached whalebones.

From the red desert sands to tough creatures and unique cultures, we’ll ensure your bespoke luxury holiday to Namibia offers you the kind of experiences that will last a lifetime.

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