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Sarah Tallents

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Half day

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AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Within the wind-swept expanses of AlUla lies a trove of archaeological treasures, as you discover on this half-day guided exploration.

Your journey takes you to Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra. This was the second largest city of the Nabataean Kingdom after Petra, and – just like its better-known counterpart – is brimming with striking rock-hewn tombs dating back some two thousand years.

In Dadan, formerly the Lihyanite capital, admire the Lion Tombs. These 2,500-year-old burial niches were carved directly into a cliff face and are guarded by relief-sculpted lions. You also visit AlUla's Old Town, where labyrinthine alleyways connect a sprawl of ancient houses built out of mud and stone.

Nearby, browse the ‘open-air library’ of Jabal Ikmah, where millennia-old inscriptions in several archaic languages adorn the cliffs; and visit the 18th-century Al Hijr fort, built by the Ottomans as a rest stop for pilgrims en route to Mecca. 

You depart with a deeper understanding of the fascinating and enigmatic kingdoms that once ruled this region of northwest Saudi Arabia.

Additional notes about the tour

Please note: your tour guide will collect you and drive you to the experience location. Typically, this experience will take around 2-4 hours and water will be provided.

When visiting these archaeological sites, a dress code applies. Please ensure you wear long sleeves and that your shoulders are covered.

This experience is only available to book as part of an A&K tailor-made holiday.

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