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Witness the daily Wagah-Attari border ceremony at a boundary town between India and Pakistan

Why we like it

  • A family-run boutique hotel within Amritsar
  • The inviting atmosphere continues throughout the resort
  • Visit city sights and nearby villages, and choose from on-site activities
  • Enjoy local cuisine served from the mobile kitchen


Ranjitvilas is a historic boutique hotel, originally a tranquil Punjabi farm house. Now, with extravagant water features and outdoor lighting welcoming you in, Ranjitvilas promises luxury, atmosphere and excitement. Set close to the city of Amritsar, you can choose from a range of cultural experiences within the city and excursions into the surrounding countryside.

The authentic ambience continues throughout the spacious rooms. Find lasting tranquillity among the traditional Punjab decorations and furniture. Authentic Amritsar street food is served from the mobile kitchen, a four-wheel rickshaw, which moves around the resort.   

Another appeal of Ranjitvilas is the sheer number of things to do and see. Take a cooking class and learn to make regional delicacies, fly a kite and learn about traditional Punjab dress and try on a turban. You may have the chance to watch a bhangra performance. You are also provided with transportation for sightseeing. Visit Amritsar’s most impressive architecture and explore a village which sits directly on the border between India and Pakistan.