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In travel, what you see is only part of what you get. Imagine aromatic spice markets, thundering waterfalls and sizzling street food; the greatest destinations promise a multisensory extravaganza – and we can show them to you. Your wish, granted.

Touch: Go truly hands-on in destination when enjoying an introductory ceramics lesson or pottery class – alternatively, give your hands a rest by enjoying one of the many spa treatments available at some of our favourite accommodation. 


Taste: Many of us travel for a taste of a destination, but to truly understand it’s flavours we have on hand some of the best guides to take you on a tour from the well-known to the undiscovered; on foot down hidden streets, or on boat with an astronomical dinner cruise. 


Hear: The sounds of a destination can be just as integral to its character as the sights. The susurrus of the sea lapping the shore, the nocturnal chorus of the savanna and the rumbling drums invoking the spirit of the carnival: you’ll find all this and more in our wish list.


Smell: India is known for its cuisine, but it offers a feast for all the senses, particularly the aromas. Not only from spices, but also perfumes; the state of Uttar Pradesh is renowned for its attar artisans, who blend fragrant ingredients to produce distinctive perfumes. 


Sight: From wide-open landscapes to intricate architecture, visit a contrasting destination for your next holiday and give your eyes a treat as you take in the beautiful postcard-worthy shots from every angle. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it. 


My A&K

My A&K allows you to create a wish list of your favourite A&K offerings, from hotels to suggested itineraries, before sharing it with your nearest and dearest – or directly with us.

As well as the destinations, holiday ideas and accommodation, you can also add our unique experiences or Travel Edits to your wish list. Travel Edits are our mini-itineraries that offer you a taster of a destination. Each has a theme attached, from arts and culture to wildlife, making it easy to decide if an Edit is right for you. They can be enjoyed on their own, combined to form longer journeys, or added as extensions to our full-length itineraries. With Travel Edits, you're the editor. 


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