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AKP launch literacy programme in Kenya

Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy’s launches its new literacy programme in the Masai Mara

A&K Philanthropy 

On Friday, 23 October 2015, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy’s launches its new literacy programme in the Masai Mara. The event was attended by more than 1,500 students and 1,000 community members, who turned out to celebrate the education initiative.

Two area schools, Enkereri and Olopi-Kidong'oe, each received a donation of 50 eReaders. They came loaded with age-appropriate textbooks and literature in both English and Swahili.

To make this happen, AKP strategically partnered with Worldreader. This nonprofit organisation is a leading expert in designing effective, tailored curriculum for improved literacy around the world.

eReaders significantly increase student access to a wide variety of up-to-date educational materials. The back-lit device allows students to read at home in the evenings without requiring the use of candles or burning sticks.

The new digital libraries will have a profound impact on the children's education. They will open the way for better opportunities for them in the future.

In January 2016, four more schools in Kenya will receive shipments of the eReaders.

Additionally, an agreement and funding is in place to launch the program at two schools in Tanzania and one in Zambia in the first quarter of 2016. On an A&K holiday in Kenya, clients will have the opportunity to see the programme in action during visits to the schools.