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Mahale, Tanzania

Come face-to-face with chimpanzee during a trek into the tropical rainforest of the Mahale mountains in Tanzania. Begin this unforgettable hike from Africa’s deepest lake, Tanganyika, and follow the guide towards the troop. Watch as they forage, nurse their young and build their nests right in front of your eyes. 

You’ll spend a magical hour observing the chimpanzee go about their business making the daily trek from Greystoke Mahale lodge well worth the effort. Khaki clothes and strong walking boots are recommended as you’ll be hiking through forest paths which can often be steep and slippery. As sightings change daily you may discover the troop located close to the lodge or deep into the forest.

You’re likely to hear them before you see them. Listen out for the sound of distant whooping or snapping of branches as the chimpanzee playfully swing through the canopy of trees. Your expert guide knows every animal by name and will tell you about their history and how they fit into the social hierarchy. All you have to do is sit quietly on the forest floor and witness this wonderful sight.


Additional notes about the tour

The chimpanzee trek is included in all stays to Greystoke Mahale.

Conditions of the trek include:

You will spend one hour with the chimpanzee after tracking. Although sightings cannot be guaranteed, you should get the chance to see the troop when staying at Greystoke Mahale lodge for three to four days. The treks are daily and limited to six people accompanied by a guide and tracker. It is recommended you wear khaki-coloured clothes and strong, waterproof walking boots. The trek welcomes children over the age of 12. The camp is closed from mid-March to early June.

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