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Gabriela Zuliani

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3 hours

Where in the world

Tokyo, Japan

Take a trip out to one of the oldest samurai sword workshops not usually open to the public. There are only 300 active swordsmiths in Japan and today you’ll enjoy insider access to the only one in Tokyo that practises this ancient craft. Your guide will pick you up and introduce you to Yoshindo Yoshihara, considered Japan’s swordsmith genius.

It takes over 10 years to become an expert swordsmith – learning every aspect of the craft from handling the iron to making the crest. Yoshindo will personally show you around his workshop where you can see methods handed down through family generations.

The samurai sword or katana takes three months to make. Watch his apprentices work with the fragile tamahagane steel, created by a traditional smelting process. See how the layers of steel are welded together ensuring strength and flexibility. Then learn how they curve and polish the swords, a process that can take up to three weeks to complete.

Additional notes about the tour

This experience includes a pick up from your hotel.

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