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Epic honeymoon

Sailing the Indonesian archipelago is a magical way to begin the next chapter of your life with your loved one. Passing through these seductive islands, you’ll be disconnected from both telecommunications and reality – this is an unplugged, tranquil escape.

With so many of its 18,000 cays, shoals and islands only accessible by sea, sailing has long been the best way to reach remote parts of the archipelago. Known as phinisis, the iconic sailing ships of the seafaring Bugis people have plied these waters for centuries. For a private charter aboard one of these dreamlike vessels, stay on the Tiger Blue, hand-built by Sulawesi masters. This luxury yacht, with its towering masts and billowing sails, boasts spacious decks, exquisite cuisine and the exclusivity of just four cabins. It’s the perfect accommodation for honeymooners seeking adventure as well as comfort.

Deserving of its UNESCO World Heritage Site status, the island of Komodo will leave you speechless. Thousands of Komodo dragon – the largest lizard in the world – roam this grassy islet, whilst sea eagle soar overhead, swimming turtle pop up for air and manta ray glide above coral-covered pinnacles. Navigate the island whilst cosying up aboard Lamima; this opulent yacht features seven elegant cabins, hosts two Balinese masseuses and comes complete with a PADI dive centre. Dive or snorkel the reefs together before relaxing with a beachside cocktail and barbecue, gazing up at the starry night’s sky.

Shouldering the Equator, the islands of Raja Ampat are incredibly remote and almost undisturbed by humans. Best known for their amazing diversity of marine life, they encompass perhaps the richest coral reef systems in the world. Verdant limestone outcrops dot the landscape, with pristine white sandy beaches at their feet and wild orchids hanging in the canopies. In the depths of the jungle, exotic red birds of paradise perform an elaborate courtship ritual at dawn. It’s a magical place to spend a honeymoon.

Choose to sail around Raja Ampat and feel as if you are floating in a private aquarium – the water is crystal-clear, and an incredible array of tropical fish inhabit the delicate coral reefs. Continue your journey south to gaze at the crumbling fortresses of Banda Islands, once rich in spices and prized by the colonial powers of the 16th and 17th centuries. During a quiet wander through the remaining nutmeg plantations you’ll feel dwarfed by giant kenari trees, some of which have stood watch for more than 250 years. 

So why not disconnect from the stresses of modern life and sail off into the horizon for an epic Indonesia honeymoon? Whether its recommending the best sailing vessels or carefully crafting the perfect itinerary, A&K’s honeymoon specialists are ready to help.

This is just a flavour of what we can offer. Our honeymoons are tailor-made to your requirements. Speak to a travel specialist about planning your honeymoon and find more inspiration on our luxury honeymoons page.