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Winter is when falling leaves replace falling snow, and a journey outside means wrapping up in more layers than an Egyptian mummy. You may want to stay in and curl up by the fire, but the season has its own charm worth embracing. A winter honeymoon offers snow-capped Alpine towns, hot springs amidst Icelandic hills, and even journeys into the Arctic tundra. It can also mean escaping the chill to the warmth of the Southern Hemisphere.

For the full winter experience, travel to some of the world’s most spectacular icebound destinations. Antarctica might sound like an unusual choice for a honeymoon, but that’s half the appeal. This photogenic continent offers unmatched glacial beauty and a deep blue ocean full of unique wildlife. During a fortnight-long voyage, cuddle on deck whilst snapping breaching whale, diving seal and plucky penguin. If you’re an intrepid couple willing to shirk convention, a five-star Antarctic expedition should fit like a thermal glove.