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Most holiday wish lists feature a foodie destination or two. One of the best ways to experience a slice of local life is by sampling a place’s cuisine, including regional recipes handed down through generations. A&K’s expertise means we can cook up the ultimate feast for the senses. Your wish, granted.

India’s cuisine is world-famous, and we don’t just mean the markets that are a feast for all the senses. Travelling to India on a foodie journey allows you to experience the heritage and food creation within destination, so there’s no mistaking where you are. 

Live the life of a dabbawalla or discover some of the best dining in New Delhi at your landmark hotel.


Italy really has it all – captivating culture, fascinating history and some of the finest food on the planet. As well as world-famous pizza and pasta served throughout the country, each region has its own unique dishes showcasing local flavours and traditions. 

Immerse yourself in some of the more unknown flavours of Italy, from exotic complexities to simple regional delicacies. 


Thanks to our local connections, we can arrange hands-on classes, demonstrations and tastings with some of South America’s most knowledgeable chefs and producers. Barbecue like an Argentine, learn to prepare ceviche, wine and dine at a celebrated vineyard and more.


Let us delight your taste buds with the eclectic flavours and culinary traditions of Japan and South-east Asia. These insightful foodie experiences will take you from Tokyo to Kyoto. Enjoy guided street food tours, private tea ceremonies, sushi-making classes and more.


My A&K

My A&K allows you to create a wish list of your favourite A&K offerings, from hotels to suggested itineraries, before sharing it with your nearest and dearest – or directly with us.

As well as the destinations, holiday ideas and accommodation, you can also add our unique experiences or Travel Edits to your wish list. Travel Edits are our mini-itineraries that offer you a taster of a destination. Each has a theme attached, from arts and culture to wildlife, making it easy to decide if an Edit is right for you. They can be enjoyed on their own, combined to form longer journeys, or added as extensions to our full-length itineraries. With Travel Edits, you're the editor. 


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