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With A&K, there are always new ways to see old favourites – even for the most seasoned traveller. We know how to reveal the hidden side of a destination, whether it’s by taking you off the tourist trail, or showing you the highlights from a fresh perspective. Your wish, granted.

Take to the skies and see your favourite destinations from a different angle – from helicopter flights of Niagara to balloon rides over Luxor temples. The remarkable will become the dramatic as you enjoy your exclusive sky-high experience. 

Travel up-up-and-away on your next holiday.


There’s more to a destination than the icons on the land. Take to the seas to dive and explore hidden areas or go underneath and explore hidden streets beneath famous cities, including ancient crypts and catacombs. 

These well-kept secrets are to be booked in advance. 


Venture off the beaten track and delve into the unseen facets of your destination with this wish list. Pedal along Japan’s most scenic cycle route, discover tribal life deep within the Amazon, cruise around Chile’s spectacular lakes and more.


My A&K

My A&K allows you to create a wish list of your favourite A&K offerings, from hotels to suggested itineraries, before sharing it with your nearest and dearest – or directly with us.

As well as the destinations, holiday ideas and accommodation, you can also add our unique experiences or Travel Edits to your wish list. Travel Edits are our mini-itineraries that offer you a taster of a destination. Each has a theme attached, from arts and culture to wildlife, making it easy to decide if an Edit is right for you. They can be enjoyed on their own, combined to form longer journeys, or added as extensions to our full-length itineraries. With Travel Edits, you're the editor. 


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